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  1. Starr says:

    WARNING FROM BLOG EDITOR: *Covid is not a hoax or a fake virus. The vaccine for covid is real and extremely effective for those who do not want to die from the virus. A warning will be added to any comments that contain misinformation, but the comments will not be edited or blocked. For more information about the safety of the covid vaccine follow this link

    This whole thing we are living is a shit reality show and we are all actors. It’s 2022 now and I hope you’re awake and aware now more than you were in 2015 when you wrote this, that the “right” wing and the “left” wing have always been from the SAME diabolical bird. Voting is a tool to manufacture the illusion of consent. These ghouls, no one, has ever been “elected” but rather SELECTED by the “ruling class” behind the curtains, who really runs things here. Who are “THEY,” really? Your guess is as good as mine. Rothschild’s? Rockefeller’s? Apparently there are 11 more powerful families that have been here forever! But, I render a notion that it runs muuuuuuuuch deeper than some aristocrat families that are more than likely vampires. Or reptilians. Same thing to me. And these beings wants our bloodstream pumped full of poison which they’ve brain washed the whole world population to beLIEve it’s a “life saving vaccine” for some fake “deadly virus.” Yes, it’s a shit show here.

  2. Zigana says:

    If poetry slams are events where audiences often take a poet’s words at face value, and the identity a poet expresses in performance is taken as the performer’s identity in life, then many audience members are evaluating not only the writing and performance of a poem, but also the scripting and performance of identity.

  3. I wrote this blog before Trump’s mob of seditionist and white supremacist tried to overthrow our elected representatives by force so they could install Trump as our permanent president. Reading this blog now it seems like I was foreshadowing what happened in the attempted coup that took place a few months ago.

  4. Gloria Spencer says:

    Awesome Blog!!!!

  5. Rahman says:

    I think Trump is what republicans want now. I don’t see that changing after he leaves office.

  6. Pam says:

    I most certainly can forgive Omarosa. There is nothing that mainstream America can say or do that would cause me to not to, particularly since she has owned up to her mistakes and taken full responsibility for them.

  7. Rose RCNQLVRESJXET says:

    Good web site! I truly love how it is easy on my eyes and the data are well written. I am wondering how I could be notified whenever a new post has been made. I have subscribed to your RSS which must do the trick! Have a nice day!

  8. Angus McLitch says:

    Positive music with substance. Hip hop needs more rappers who do this kind of stuff.

  9. Russel Damion says:

    They go after Rev Sharpton because he is effective. They make him their enemy because he has the power and intelligence to right wrongs and call out those who support racist policy. This man is a survivor and a role model I look up to.

  10. BestMariana says:

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  11. Gregory Binnes says:

    Love the message behind the music. #staywoke

  12. Monte C says:

    Never heard of this new artist before but I really like this song. I hope I can find more of his music somewhere.

  13. proxy says:

    Hello,I read your new stuff named “The Real Al Sharpton – Socially Urban” daily.Your humoristic style is witty, keep up the good work.

  14. Gloria Creighton says:

    Cant we do something about this? Please guys lets not let then just slide. Im 80 but Im willing to help!! I know im late but i can stii do something if only get a few people to join us

  15. Richard E says:

    Sickle cell sounds like a horrible thing to deal with. I am a republican and I agree with you about keeping obamacare and improving it instead of a repeal. I wish everyone could look at this objectively and do the right thing. You deserve medical care and I hope this issue does not end up effecting your health.

    Great blog. keep writing.

  16. Linda Fields-Woodruff says:

    I just saw tbe video of the Governors speech. I can’t believe how long he spent saying nothing, and repeating the same nothing Over & over like a complete half-wit! A whole lot of nothing is what he said, & never once mentioned the RIGHTS oF THE VICTIMS & THEIR FAMI!IES. How sad. If Trump becomes President, he will have an immediate Allie & fellow movie watcher, in your Governor.

    • DeMon says:

      Thanks for leaving a comment. You make some really good points. Trump and my state governor McCrory would get along just fine. They seems to share the same attitude about race and both make excuses for the unequal treatment minorities receive from law enforcement. I just wish there was some kind of way to reach people like that and make them see how it feels when you’re always under a cloud of suspicion whether you’ve done anything or not. When you’re a responsible adult, working hard everyday, taking pride in the work you do, the good you do in your community, living an honest decent life and then having that mean absolutely nothing because you’re black… it is frustrating beyond belief. Living a good decent life and having character and integrity is supposed to mean something in this country. But people like Trump and Governor McCrory refuses to see any of that. I want a president and a governor who respects my life and doesn’t make racist assumptions about who I am based solely on what color I am.

      Sorry, didn’t mean to write another blog post here. I am very passionate when it comes to politics and my country. I see how easy it could be to slip back into the rampant government sponsored racism we had before the civil rights movement and I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn’t happen.

  17. Jerry Diaz says:

    Black Lives Matter group is a sham, made to divert attention and stir up the pot. Tell me, if it were proBlack why is it funded by George Soros, well known, rich, white supremacist

    • DeMon says:

      Black Lives Matter is a protest movement calling for change in our criminal justice system and change in the way police interact with the communities they serve. It is not “pro black” or “anti police” or “anti white”. People of all races are involved and welcomed in the movement. It is not intended to “stir the pot” or divert attention from anything or anyone. If you think George Soros or any other billionaire is controlling the protest or message you are grossly misinformed. If you’re curious about the movement you should take a look at the policy positions we have laid out. There’s no conspiracy, there’s no secrecy, there’s no evil movie villain silently controlling and influencing things from the shadows.

      I’d like to recommend a book that I hope you’ll be curious enough to go buy and read it. It explains in detail the ways in which our criminal justice system creates enormous inequality in the way black citizens are treated which is very different from the way white citizens are treated. The title is “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander. I guarantee you’ll have a better understanding of the activist who are in the Black Lives Matter movement. If you don’t want to pay for it out of your pocket I will be happy to purchase it for you. And I mean that.

      And thanks for your comment. I apologize it has taken so long for me to respond.

  18. One of my favorite graphics.

  19. Jaunell Christie says:

    Dear Pat McCrory,

    I would like to thank you for taking the stand to fight the homosexual and transgender agenda and proctect us and our childen from this evil practice.
    The Bathroom fight is about moral decency! Our forfathers fought to establish this nation as a Christian Nation. To this day Christians are still the majority in this nation.
    Transgenders have been using whatever bathroom they wanted for many years. If they look like a woman and do not bother anyone no one bothers them. So what is the reason for a law that orders us to alow men to come into the bathroom or locker room of women and children if not to seduce and abuse someone weaker than they are. Just one of the many attributes of Christianity is that of proctecting their women and children.
    I thank you and aplaude you for taking a stand and fighting for moral decency.

  20. Pam says:

    Melissa Harris Perry was absolutely right to walk away from this network as they have proven themselves decietful and unworthy of her trust. I would personally like to see all the people they got rid of show up on a black cable news channel (which doesn’t exist yet, but is desperately needed). Only Ed Schultz has shown up so far on RT news. We could certainly use nightly and daily news and analysis at this point on some channels of our own.

    • DeMon says:

      I totally agree Pam. She was wasting her talent on a network that didn’t respect her or her talent. I believe we will see Melissa on tv again very soon, and it will be a huge success even greater than her groundbreaking show on MSNBC. It will be so nice to see her prove the haters wrong and make them regret the disrespectful way they handled her departure. Success is always the sweetest revenge.

    • Juan says:

      Wouldn’t a purposely all one ethnicity anything be the epitome of racist?

      • DeMon says:

        Not necessarily. It all depends on the circumstances. I think diversity is a noble challenge and I commend anyone who takes that on in an honest and sincere way.

  21. Pam says:

    In my opinion, MSNBC is following the agenda that they ALL truly believe in, no matter how ‘progressive’ or ‘liberal’ they pretend to be, and that is simply this; close ranks and follow the plan to keep them and their white collective in power. I enjoyed their programming for years as well, but they have obviously chosen to sacrifice the trust and admiration of their viewers as well as their integrity. I don’t know why Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes are still there as these two journalists are the last ones I still trust on MSNBC, but time will tell.

    Melissa Harris Perry was absolutely right to walk away from this network as they have proven themselves decietful and unworthy of her trust. I would personally like to see all the people they got rid of show up on a black cable news channel (which doesn’t exist yet, but is desperately needed). Only Ed Schultz has shown up so far on RT news. We could certainly use nightly and daily news and analysis at this point on some channels of our own.

  22. Rich says:

    Trump sucks!!! ~
    to you

  23. Jerry Campbell says:

    You are saying that evil is not organized ? We are fighting against a spiritual darkness that manifest it self in people who are willing to do its bidding. Evil is organized in the elite and their underlings. Some people will sell their souls to gain the world.

  24. The Trump bandwagon isn’t about getting Trump in the White House, per se, rather its an assault on the legitimacy of the political system itself. You say that a president should be serious: that shows that you have faith in the system. Trump’s supporters don’t, they’ve seen the Republican politicians they’ve elected serve as nothing more than a rubber stamp to the Democratic policies they’d been elected to stop. They’ve seen representatives they though were theirs represent no one other than the Chamber of Commerce. How you see Trump is how we see all of them, and is likely a portent for more interesting things to come.

  25. Your list actually includes some of the most important issues in politics, some of which transcend the merely political and reach towards the macrohistorical. Who has weapons and the ability to use them (No. 8) is basically the same as who can exercise political power. “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” – Mao Tse Tung. Without the ability to bear arms, citizens become peasants.

    Border Security (No. 10) likewise determines the very shape of a country. A country is made up of its people. If those people are Mexican, that country is Mexico, regardless of latitude and longitude. The term, “nation”, so often misused in the United States, doesn’t refer to a political organization, but to a people unified by language, religion, culture, and descent. Laxening border security is an attempt by the business and political elites to elect a new people, and will likely succeed in that beyond their wildest dreams.

  26. Rahven says:

    This is beautiful. Made me cry at work sitting at my desk and everyone thought something was wrong with me.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.

  27. D Denson says:

    To undo ALL of the Obama administrations gains. And what is interesting is they stated that was the goal six years ago. Before Obama took office. They HAVE NO PLAN FOR ANYTHING other than make the President look like a failure. It will take the next two years to do it. They will fail but at the same time wonder where their plan went wrong. They will never learn….
    Like · Reply · 6 · Jan 5, 2015 4:37pm

    John Shaplin · University of Vermont
    The ‘economic recovery’ is in large degree a mirage. We have hardly made up for the losses of the crash, job creation is still weak relative to what was lost or where we would have been without the crash and if productivity growth wasn’t slumping. Wages are still declining, only the Banks and Wall St. have seen definite improvements in their values and profits, though as ever these remain shaky, dependent upon ‘speculative fever’, de-regulation and tax avoidance. But besides that, Republicans don’t have to show, in fact, that Obama has ‘wrecked the economy’. they just have to keep repeating over and over that he has- grinding it into the consciousness of Americans so that it overrules any intelligent assessment of the economy. And they can rely on the fact that the condition of the country is never really happy-despite the bluffs of the pundits and the concocted polls of the public relations firms- and since the Democrats have controlled the Oval office for eight years the ‘natural history’ of regime change in American politics gives Republicans the presumptive edge in 2016. Surely the Republican Party hacks will be able to put forward a candidate with the pedigree and enough moderation to capture the necessary funding and manipulate public perception to take full advantage of the outstanding groundwork that has been laid.It’s the Democrats who have the real problem- if indeed changing demographics coupled to the myths they have generated about being ‘the party of the people’ and the champions of cultural ‘liberty is not as sufficient to guarantee a victory as they believe it to be- in convincing young voters in particular that their rhetoric of ‘hope and change’ is something more than a ploy to distract voters from the fact that they share the same Corporate Masters as the Republicans.They have to secure their corporate funding but at the same time combat the malaise of indifference and the attraction of ‘alternative candidates’ among their ‘base’. Using his formidable skills as an economist, its Krugman’s job to describe the situation in such a way as to convince his adoring fans that there is a meaningful choice to be made.

  28. Rake Newsome Jr says:

    I’m not that much of a online reader to be honest but your sites really nice, keep it up! I’ll go ahead and bookmark your site to come back in the future. Cheers

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  34. […] When I think about this issue, I feel enraged. I feel a monster inside of me growing and threatening to take over my body, a monster that feels like it could grow big enough to rip apart the systems of power and control and militarization and dominance in this nation with its teeth and claws so that we’d all have to start from scratch. I want to scream at the top of my lungs from the tallest building I can find, roar with a thousand voices, walk among a nation of people all outraged and fighting against the injustice of it all. […]

  35. Jayden says:

    That guy was crazy and ran away when he figured out you were smarter than him.

  36. I totally disagree with your assessment of Damon Dash in regards to the interview at the Breakfast Club! He was seriously trying from the onset of the interview, not have to sit through another barrage of questions about his relationship with Jay-Z! He made it clear that he didn’t want to talk about that! That was his right as an interviewee! The host DJ Envy insisted on asking the question anyways, and Damon simply had enough of it, and was visibly upset! If your only concern is about how he said things, and his aggressive personality, then you’ve definitely missed the point! He wanted to talk about the present state of his affairs and the businesses and latest projects that he is trying to promote out here!! Also, his reference to ‘real men’ is certainly not a indictment on his so called ‘insecurities’! Not at all, he was trying to teach some of the listeners including those in attendance what real men do, and don’t do! As a businessman myself, I came away from the interview thinking, this guy is right on point!! A lot of what he said, people of color especially have never heard, why, because they are constantly bombarded with the talk of ‘beef’ between grown men and not nearly enough about the empowerment of our people which is just about at a standstill!! While people are talking about what was said, and who said what, and all that, you have people of authority building more prisons, and doing everything they can to make sure your son and daughters end up there and off the streets! So, where do we have the time to even begin talking about another man’s money, career, who he is seeing, what he driving, or whatever? No economic base to provide for your family, but you care more about some ancient feud among two men from decades ago!! It really is time to wake up and deal with our own insecurities! Damon got his, and if you notice, he is not flashing his money in the camera, bragging about his material effects! But he is making a lot of noise about having his own business and providing for his children, who also have their own business!! Now, that’s what’s up!!

    • DeMon says:

      I appreciate your comment and I appreciate you taking the time to read my blog. You make some valid points but i think we see Dame through totally different perspectives. I agree that Dame is probably sick of answering questions about Jay and I’m sympathetic to that, but interviewers are going to ask what they think their listeners or viewers want to hear. If you don’t want to answer the question then you are not obligated to. A very simple way to handle that question is to say I’d rather not get into that, and move the interview along. I would probably be annoyed a little by the question and that’s why I didn’t give him a hard time about it in my blog, but Dame has been in the business for decades. He should know what to expect, and he should know how to deflect unwanted questions without turning it into a confrontation.

      If Dame wants to do interviews where he gets asked questions about business, then a hip hop morning radio show is not a good choice. Morning radio shows cover pop culture and their goal is to entertain. Charlemagne does a regular feature called “donkey of the day”. That alone should be a huge sign of what to expect. I guess Dame forgot where he was.

  37. Jayden says:

    Closet case.

  38. Walter Evans says:

    Great blog post man! I remember reading another blog post from you that had some statistics on food vouchers/stamps and how long the average American stays on that kind of government assistance. Could you point me in the right direction so I can print them out for a friend at work who tried to tell me that most food stamp recipients are on them for their entire life, and I know that’s not true because you wrote a blog about it and you also included a source to back up everything you said.

    Thanks for keeping me up to date on issues that are important to our community. Sometimes mainstream media ignores these topics.

  39. Walter Evans says:

    The way the police department handled this shooting was so wrong. It’s like they continued to victimize the family even after they took this innocent little boy’s life for no reason. This is why there’s a need to say specifically that “Black Lives Matter” because that police department certainly acted like black lives didn’t matter.

  40. Shakiam says:

    Why isn’t Fox News listed as a hate group on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hate Group list? Their network is directly responsible for the rise in hate group membership over the last decade. Without Fox we’d all be a lot better off as a country.

  41. Stephen H says:

    Shameful! The police are out of control and are getting worse. It’s things like this that have diminished our image in the international community.

  42. DeMon says:

    One of my favorite graphics I’ve ever created. Got a lot of positive feedback on this one.

  43. John says:

    And so the war on the poor continues…what amazes me is that these guys receive six figure salaries, top of the line healthcare, pensions most can only dream of and countless other government perks (hand-outs), and they only work about three weeks out of the year, yet they want to victimize the working poor. It’s as if they’re saying, these people have too much, let’s keep them down, all while they reap a pretty good bounty from the same government they rail against. Their focus should be on the Wal-Mart’s of the world; make them pay their workers a living wage and watch how fast food stamp usage decline. People are not on food stamps because they’re lazy, they’re on them because minimum wage is not enough to pay rent, utilities, baby sitters and put food on the table.

    • DeMon says:

      Thanks for the comment. You’re right. I don’t understand why the people who need government assistance still vote for guys like Glenn Grothman. Somehow they are convinced to vote against their own interest over and over again. It boggles the mind.

    • Walter Evans says:

      Lawmaker’s salary, health coverage, and work days should be pointed out a lot more often than it is. It’s one of the biggest hypocrisies in our government, and that’s saying a lot.

  44. Building and maintaining conspiracy theories are republicans most effective strategy to energize their base. It’s been way too successful for them to pull away from it at this point. It’s how they gained control of the house in 2010 and how they took the Senate in 2014. I think it speaks to the lack of intelligence within the republican electorate. Not an easy problem to solve, so God help us all.

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  46. […] be solved in the hearts of each and every American citizen. Until then “pointergate”, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, John Crawford, Levar Jones, Eric Garner, Jordan Davis, Renisha McBride, Oscar […]

  47. Yeco Walle says:

    Howdy! Someone in my Facebook group shared this website with us so I came to check it out. I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m bookmarking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Wonderful blog and brilliant design.

  48. Anson Spencer says:

    Very well written as usual and shows you’re listening to your readers

    • Thank you. I put a lot of effort and hard work into this blog so I’m very appreciative when someone is moved enough to send me a message or leave a comment about something I’ve written. I know this sounds cheesy but it really does make it all worth wild.

  49. Diesel says:

    You indicate that if we have healthcare through our employer, we likely won’t “interact” with Obamacare, and that there is some debate about whether the taxes will get passed on to consumers. There should be no debate, as the ACA/healthcare reform has caused numerous increases to existing healthcare plans. I am employed by the largest health insurer in the country, and they have elected to pass on an Affordable Care fee directly to employees (deducted via paycheck); they are not hiding it in our premiums. This has worked out to be an additional $250 per year for me as I have family coverage. For individual coverage it’s just less than half that amount.

    I do not know how much Obamacare is responsible for increases in cost, but my total family out of pocket expenses increased by $1150 for 2014 (plus the $250). That means I need to make an additional 67 cents per hour just to offset the INCREASE in healthcare costs for this year. Part of this increase is likely due to mandated preventive care and removal of pre-existing condition clauses, as well as extended dependent coverage through age 26 and removal of lifetime caps.

    Last I checked my company had in excess of 70,000 employees, and it would be reasonable to believe a majority of those have health coverage and are affected by these increases.

    My point is, it’s not just funded by tax dollars. Insured Americans are paying for it through their employer’s plan as well. It’s a myth to say that the ACA has made healthcare more affordable. It’s much more expensive for those of us covered under our employer’s healthplan.

    • I don’t doubt your stated situation but we need more than anecdotal evidence to gauge the laws effectiveness. I think the reported numbers from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office along with data reported by the insurance companies gives us a much clearer assessment on how the law is working. There will be random anecdotal evidence of circumstances where a small minority of Americans will see some kind of premium increase. But even in those cases they will also benifit from the overall lower cost of healthcare thanks to the effectiveness of the ACA’s competitive insurance marketplaces that force insurers to compete for customers by cutting costs. The Congressional Budget Office explains that Obamacare’s premiums are cheaper-than-expected because its insurance features lower payment rates for providers, narrower networks of providers, and tighter management of their subscribers’ use of health care than employment-based plans do.

      Republicans who warned of the Obamacare apocalypse who voted 50+ times to repeal it, and even shutdown the entire government of the most powerful nation on earth in hopes of forcing a repeal, have all completely stopped talking about it. Republican governors who rejected the medicaid expansion are now changing their minds and looking for ways to accept it but save face at the same time. Some of them are planning to change the name of the program like Kentucky did with it’s version of Obamacare (by calling it Kynect). Those are the signs of the laws success. The predictions of failure were wrong, the demagoguery couldn’t stand up to facts and figures, 9.5 million more Americans are now insured, America is stronger and healthier because of it.

      *sources to back up everything I wrote:

  50. 99ways2die says:

    Welp my Aunt in Liberal state Maine had coverage that was great priced and perfect for her. She went to sign up for O-care and can’t find a thing in her price range at all. So anyone still calling it the Affordable care act seriously should consider taking their heads out of their a**.

    • 99ways2die says:

      And might I add because I forgot to mention her coverage was for Multiple Sclerosis.

      • DeMon says:

        I’m sorry your aunt is dealing with MS. It’s not easy to live a happy fulfilled life when you have a chronic illness such as that. I have a genetic disease called Sickle Cell and I deal with it’s many complications daily, so I’m speaking from experience. I hope and pray she can find something affordable until Governor Paul LePage finally realizes how wrong he was to reject the medicaid expansion. When he does give in your aunt could be eligible for it, and if she isn’t eligible she’ll still see a drastic reduction in her current premiums. It’s ashamed to see politicians playing with the lives of their constituents to satisfy a political vendetta against the president. smh

    • DeMon says:

      There are 313 million people in this country. I think it’s beyond irrational to assess the merits of the Affordable Care Act solely based on your Aunt in “liberal state Maine”. Thanks for visiting my blog and I really honestly do appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment but you gotta admit that what you’re proposing is a little silly.

      • 99ways2die says:

        That’s kind of the point I was making, she HAD insurance that already accepted her WITH her pre -existing condition. NOW that OBAMA lied that you could keep it “PERIOD” she lost her insurance and nothing in Obama care is nearly cheap enough for her to afford. And she isnt the only one having problems no matter how you want to blind yourself to reality. The only people that are finding cheaper insurance are living off of government programs and stipends. I’m sorry but America is not about butting into peoples lives, it’s about the Government NOT making it a socialist country for these exact reasons. It is even more irrational to accept this kind of BS in this country when no other country has ever had better health care through socialist means, all the others came here, we didn’t go to Canada or England, they came here for help. Notice that has already pretty much come to an end and the fact Hospitals have had to shut down over this just proves it was written by insurance companies to make them rich, not to save our lives.

        • DeMon says:

          America never had the best healthcare in the world. This has been studied and ranked year after year and we’ve never come close to being #1. We’ve done well in some specific areas like cancer treatment but we’re not even #1 in that. All of these rankings I’m posting links to below were pre-Obamacare.

          It’s nice to think we are number 1 at everything in this country, but the reality is we’re not. Now that healthcare has been expanded to cover more Americans, I think we will see an increase in our rankings among the other countries. It’s too early to say if that will happen for sure, so I don’t want anyone to think I’m stating that as a fact. It’s just an educated guess based on the information I have available.

          Again, I don’t doubt your aunt’s situation at all. As I said before there will be those who see an increase in their premiums. It’s really good that she was fortunate enough to have a plan that included preexisting conditions. If I were you I’d be happy that everyone can now have a plan that will not exclude preexisting conditions. If we have a system that only helps a small number of people, we should welcome a new system that expands the great benefits your aunt enjoyed to more people like her. That isn’t evil, Marxist, or communist. You are right about it being a form of socialism, but so is social security, disability, unemployment, etc. All of those programs are very popular and widely accepted because we judge them on the results they produce. Not on whether it’s socialism or whatever else. Those labels are meaningless because our democracy is a patchwork of a lot of different ideas and laws taken from all forms of government. Capital punishment was practiced in monarchy’s and is currently practiced in countries with sharia law. We have capital punishment here in the United States as well. But we haven’t thrown out capital punishment because it’s practiced in other forms of government. So to be against something just because it’s associated with another form of government we dislike is a little disingenuous and quite hypocritical.

          Every agency following the Affordable Care Act so far has documented the success it’s having overall. I pointed out some of that in my update and gave links to my sources. I understand you are not happy with the law, and you feel the situation with you aunt means everyone is experiencing the same thing. But facts are facts and the facts that are out right now are very positive. Anecdotal evidence can be whatever that one person wants it to be. So I will always trust facts over personal anecdotes.

          The thing I find most odd is the attitude that everyone who benefits from Obamacare are not deserving of healthcare. That is absurd, insulting, and absolutely wrong. People who work minimum wage jobs are working just as hard as some of the fortunate people who get paid a living wage. There are only 6.7% of the American public who are currently unemployed. These are people who want to work but there aren’t enough jobs available. Americans who receive food assistance only stay in that program for an average of 3 months. That means the people who get food stamps aren’t sitting back enjoying the government benefits all their life. They only use these services between jobs, or when they experience a dip in their pay due to hours being cut. A very large majority of people on government assistance are working full time jobs who pay them just enough so they’ll qualify for gov assistance. This is wrong. Believing these people do not deserve basic healthcare is wrong. Believing that I’m a better person than someone who’s poor because I have a good job and a college degree is wrong. I’d hate to live in a country who thinks that low of their own citizens, and would look down on them as undeserving parasites. That is very far from the ideals and values we like to say we have here in the UNITED States of America.

      • 99ways2die says:

        And you really think this is all about Obama, who is in fact a marxist comy who wants America under socialist life style. Well guess what, I didn’t bother voting because Romney had the same exact HC plan, and Herman Cain dropped out so what was there to vote for? Oh right, same s*** just a different color a**h****. I do my research, I don’t just bow down to political paid false reporting news who lap dog to what ever political party pays them. Stop making assumptions this is all about being vindictive to Obama, I don’t like any Marxist who states things like “The problem is the founding fathers put in a system where I can’t force congress to do what I want them to do, so I have to find a way around that.” Those are the words of a communist. Communist’s only support socialism that always brings on Marxism to kill people off (Also using health care to do so, just ask Hitler) so they don’t have to worry about to many people fighting to take their lives back.

        • DeMon says:

          I thought I made this pretty clear in my response to you, but after reading your response to me I see that you misread, misunderstood, or overlooked a specific part of my reply where I’m talking about some POLITICIANS having a vendetta against the president and are making their constituents suffer because of it. I never said or suggested that your opposition to the law had anything to do with your personal feelings about the president. Just in case you missed it, here’s my direct quote:

          “It’s ashamed to see politicians playing with the lives of their constituents to satisfy a political vendetta against the president.”

          And your fake quote that you tried to pass off as something President Obama said leads me to question your truthfulness and credibility.

          Your fake quote I’m referring to is: “The problem is the founding fathers put in a system where I can’t force congress to do what I want them to do” (very misleading but you did inspire a good Jeopardy category: Alex I’ll take THINGS THE PRESIDENT NEVER SAID FOR 200 lol).

          But seriously, you can’t put quotation marks around something that isn’t a quote… but all of your comments lack facts that can be verified anyway, so anything goes right? You say you’ve done research but provide nothing to verify that. I guess everyone is supposed to trust you and your research over verifiable facts provided by experts and studies who have experience and credibility in the field of healthcare and government oversight. I think I’m better off trusting the experts. Your comments repeat the same ideas over and over. Marxist, communist, socialist, marxist, communist, socialist, marxist, communist, socialist, Hitler.

          I love debating with you so here’s a little advice I think you should consider before writing your next comment: Demagoguery and rants are bad ways to express ideas, and they almost never convince anyone to change their minds. I know that sounds condescending but I assure you my intentions are honest and sincere.

  51. Anson Spencer says:

    Another well written piece. Everyone should be able to stand and say, this is wrong… Should being the operative word…

  52. Anson Spencer says:

    Excellent writing as usual but we both know Conservatives are not having a ”fiesta” lol…. We all know how they feel about minorities lol

  53. Katrina says:

    At this rate America will never get it together! I’m so disgusted!!!

  54. Anson Spencer says:

    I don’t know what’s more absurb,, that that’s his logic or that there are people actually supporting this nonsense… Shame…

  55. Katrina says:

    I got a little teary eyed myself. Good for him!

  56. John says:

    So sad but true…I grew up in the civil rights era, following Dr. King and other black preachers lead the way. Today we have the Ceflo Dollars, T.D. Jakes and I.V. Hillards of the black community, more interested in competing for the one church, multiple locations moniker than advocating for those they are suppose to serve. Their main interest is personal wealth, jet helicopters and large television audiences, damn the poor and less fortunate. They haven’t forgotten Christ’s example and command to serve and not be sure, they just have chosen to ignore it in favor of lavish lifestyles. Until republicans do something to endanger their lifestyles, they will continue to allow their followers to endure the emotional and financial pain being inflicted by an all out assault on civil rights.

    • DeMon says:

      Thanks for your comment John. I believe most religious people haven’t even thought of how damaging this is to our community. I also believe that if presented with the facts I’ve outlined in my post and you’ve outlined in your comment, it will open their eyes and ignite change. The problem is reaching those who need to hear it.

  57. CO says:

    As a black man myself, I wonder why or how we are able to tell someone who doesn’t have our skin color not to use it. I know why we say they can’t. My argument is how hypocritical are we to basically taunt them with usage of the word thinking we can own something that gets a number of us hot under the collar when a white person uses it. Are we not practicing segregation in this instance? Why aren’t we removing it from our lexicon when we understand and (incredibly) acknowledge that the word is toxic when used by some “other?” Is this not keeping racism alive?

    Jews have a derogatory word attached to them, but I never heard it until there was an uproar over Michael Jackson’s use in a song. I was 14. That means I went a whole 13 years without hearing a single utterance of the word by Jews or anyone else despite my immersion in as much television and movies as I could consume. I’ve never heard a Jew use the word amongst themselves either. It doesn’t mean they don’t use it, but it’s pretty much a given that no one uses that word in public. Yet we use “nigga” as opposed to “nigger” (and in no way is it a clear deviation from the original anyway) and act like we’re trying to own it. And that bit about trying to own that word is asinine as well.

    Any time someone tries to own anything, they take it and not let it bother them. There’s no way to own nigga if we can’t handle a white person saying it or saying it in reference to us. So here we are being racist ourselves and doubling down on not owning our garbage. We say we want to own it. That it’s our word, but we can’t handle it when it’s in use by an “other.” How exactly do we walk such a hypocritical line and expect respect from anyone else?

    Honestly, if want to own it then we should own it and let it wash off us when other people use it and/or use it against us. That’s how you defeat the negativity in that word. That’s how you strip the power from that word. That’s how you strip the power from anyone else that attempts to use that word on us. Seriously, I let it roll off my back when whites use it because I refuse to give it the kind of power or any power that our brothers and sisters bend over backwards to yield to it. But when I see other black people say it amongst themselves knowing full well the history of the word and how we segregate people with its use…when I think about it, it makes me angry and sick at the same time. We continue to perpetuate racism with that duplicitous and hypocritical stance.

    It’s about damned time we grow up and stop thinking the way we do. I don’t want to see a return to segregation, but I don’t want people to start walking on eggshells around me just because of my skin color. At least I’m more than my skin color and I will not be a racist and use a word that I tell others not to use.

    • DeMon says:

      Thanks for your comment. I understand your point but it seems to be built on the myth of a collective black consciousness. African Americans have diverse beliefs, opinions, personalities, lifestyles, hopes and dreams etc. Everyone has different feelings about the word. I can’t tell someone what should offend them or how to react when they hear the word in use. My personal objections to the word has everything to do with context and intent. I have used the word on occasion in a non racial way but that does not mean I can’t be offended when someone of another race calls me nigger and uses it as a racial slur. That in no way makes me racist or hypocritical. And I also do not think we should be looking to other ethnic minority groups (such as Jews) as a guide on what to do and how to behave. We have many qualities (both positive and negative) that makes us unique and different, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

      Eventhough you and I aren’t in agreement on this issue, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my post and leaving such a detailed articulate response. I love this kind of intelligent debate, so thanks again.

    • Chris says:

      I hate when people use the N. word, which I even hate abbreviating. It makes me sick to think that someone could hate another so much as to degrade them. What really worries me, is that you care more about skin color, than the action. I used to get beat up in elementary school, middle school, and even high school. We were all white, but that didn’t matter.

      In the end, skin color doesn’t matter … it’s all about intent.

  58. Tommy says:

    I suspect that many of the young who have signed up are getting Medicaid, or have an expensive, chronic health problem and could not get health coverage previously. In otherwords, they are not off-setting the costs of others, but rather driving up the costs for everyone.
    Those who find it easy, altruistic, and morally responsible to give away other people’s money usually feel quite differently about giving away their own.

    • DeMon says:

      Thanks for your comment Tommy. The truth is we don’t have any data to base yours or my suspicions just yet. You may be right but I’m very optimistic about the surge of young people signing up so far. The good news is we don’t have to wait years or decades to find out who’s right and what the accurate numbers are. If I had to guess I’d say it’s probably not as high as the President has hoped but nowhere near as catastrophic as the law’s opponents are projecting. And if you look at the Affordable Care Act as “giving other people’s money away”, then you could say the same for any government program, any tax incentives for businesses, poverty wage jobs that get subsidized by government programs, medicare, social security, etc. I’m a tax payer just like you and most other Americans. I believe it’s very responsible to use my tax dollars to lift my fellow Americans out of poverty and use a portion of my insurance premiums to subsidize insurance for those who can not afford it.

  59. Anson Spencer says:

    Very well written baby, as usual and I never really noticed but “white on white crime” is never used and I am just noticing that lol learn something new everyday

  60. Anson Spencer says:

    I love how informed I get reading your blogs. You know I’m not into politics so I look to you to keep me up

  61. Anson Spencer says:

    Wonderful words from a great woman about a great man…

  62. DeMon says:

    An amazing role model and civil rights leader. Everyone should be ashamed that he’s not included in history textbooks because he was gay. The hypocrisy of it all is astounding. Teaching civil rights and equality and then omitting someone from those lessons just because of his sexuality.

  63. Anson Spencer says:

    This is an amazing piece. You do an excellent job with this baby. I didn’t know about the churches either. That all makes plenty of sense now though. Shame to see a lot of it happening….

  64. Henry Foster says:

    Great article. I did not know any of the stuff about the black church and the grant money. A couple years ago my church changed their name and built on a suite of offices. Now it all makes sense. You should look into getting this published in a national paper.

  65. DeMon says:

    Cool Graphic!!!

  66. TDS says:

    GOP should get 99% of the blame.

  67. […] My Amazing Mom […]

  68. Anson Spencer says:

    Highly agree with all the statements. I walked by an older Caucasian lady today. Was nowhere near her and she grabbed her purse tight because she saw me walking across the store parking lot. It was midday, bright as all get out and very busy. But because I look the way I look, she assumed I was after her purse. And at first I chalked it up to me being younger but then two Caucasian kids around my age walked passed and she did nothing. I’m still at a loss for words. Makes no sense.

  69. […] A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about the Trevon Martin shooting and racial profiling titled “No Justice For Trayvon”. In that blog I highlighted how whites perceptions of young African American males are based on […]

  70. DeMon says:

    **Editor’s Note**
    STOP TRYING TO COMPARE THE AP WIRETAP SCANDAL TO WATERGATE!! Comparing the Department of Justice and President Obama obtaining phone transcripts from a warrantless wiretap on journalists phones who worked at the Associated Press to find a source who leaked classified information about an ongoing covert operation where an agent had infiltrated Al-Qaeda to thwart a planned terrorist attack here in the US to Watergate is beyond ridiculous. Anyone who makes this comparison clearly does not know what Watergate was. So let me share some facts about Watergate. One of the most shocking facts that really speaks to the sheer size and scale of Watergate is how many people ended up getting convicted that were directly related to Nixon and his administration. 70, yes 70 people were convicted. That included people within his administration, people who worked at the RNC, agents he appointed to the CIA, FBI agents and the list goes on and on. When special prosecutor Archibald Cox and Leon Jaworski concluded their investigation into Watergate, and after the Senate held hearings to get Nixon’s staff under oath, they laid out a list of crimes and abuses of power that Nixon and his administration carried out:

    1. Members of the CIA were directed by Nixon to breaking into whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg’s psychiatrist’s office to get information to discredit him because he exposed some top secret documents that proved Nixon was lying to the country about Vietnam.

    2. Attorney General John Mitchell gave approval to the break-in at the Watergate.

    3. Charles Colson proposed firebombing the Brookings Institution.

    4. CIA agent Howard Hunt fabricated documents implicating John Kennedy in the assassination of South Vietnamese President Diem.

    5. John Ehrlichman ordered FBI Director L. Patrick Gray to take possession of the files in Hunt’s safe, keeping them secret from prosecutors.

    6. Gray destroyed the evidence from Hunt’s safe.

    7. Watergate investigator Henry E. Petersen gave John Dean secret grand jury testimony.

    8. Gray at the FBI gave Dean access to all FBI investigation files.

    9. Creation of the White House Plumbers to plug leaks through the use of illegal wiretaps.

    10. Operation Sandwedge: The Jack Caulfield operation designed to orchestrate a massive campaign to spy on the Democrats.

    11. Ehrlichman claimed he did not know in advance about the Ellsberg break-in; he knew.

    12. Gemstone: The Liddy operation to kidnap students who might disrupt the Republican convention in 1972; use prostitutes to compromise Democratic politicians. Attorney
    General Mitchell objected to the plan on the grounds it cost too much; he later approved a scaled-down plan. Mitchell, Haldeman and Jeb Magruder approved of Gemstone.

    13. Hush money paid to Watergate break-in defendants.

    14. Nixon promised clemency to Watergate criminals.

    15. Caulfield sent to Chappaquiddick Island to pose as a reporter to dig up dirt on Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy before all the leaks.

    16. Nixon is heard on the tapes telling Ehrlichman in April 1973 that he should hint to Dean to stay on the reservation because in the end the only man who can grant Dean clemency and save his ability to practice law is the president.

    17. Charles Colson was guilty of offering clemency to Hunt at Nixon’s orders.

    18. Nixon told Petersen to stay out of the Ellsberg psychiatrist’s break-in on the grounds that an investigation would compromise national security.

    19. Nixon proposed to Alexander Haig and Fred Buzhardt that they manufacture evidence—a missing dictabelt tape—wanted by Judge John Sirica; both refused.

    20. Nixon ordered the IRS to audit the tax returns of Larry O’Brien, head of the Democratic National Committee.

    21. Nixon ordered the IRS to stop an investigation of Howard Hughes.

    22. Huston Plan: In June 1970 Tom Huston persuaded the heads of the CIA, DIA, and NSA to approve a plan for black bag jobs against “enemies” of the Nixon administration. (J. Edgar Hoover opposed the Huston Plan; Nixon, fearful Hoover would blackmail him by leaking word of the plan, dropped it.)

    There’s no way anyone can honestly compare all that to Obama and the DOJ tapping the Associated Press’s phones to find who leaked the information that lead to the abortion of a CIA covert operation. Anyone who says otherwise just can’t be taken seriously.

  71. AC says:

    Most of this has already been tried. Just look up Venezuela, North Korea, China, USSR. Some of these you could move to if you like the model so much.

    • DeMon says:

      1. I never claimed these were new ideas.

      2. There’s no such thing as the “USSR” anymore. Russia became an independent state after the fall of communism & the cold war.

      3. The ideas in my blog have been tried in different countries and some succeeded and some didn’t. Comparing the failures in diffident countries to the United States just based off one issue or idea is ludicrous. Nothing is that simple. That’s like saying since Russia has democratic elections they are exactly like the United States because we also have democratic elections.

      4. Great ideas can come from any country. In fact our US constitution was based off England’s Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights.

      5. I’m not going ANYWHERE because I’m a proud American and very blessed to be an American, but it’s extremely arrogant and shortsighted to believe that everything here is perfect and does not need examination or changing.

      6. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and leave a comment. I appreciate your feedback.

  72. Lawrence G says:

    I love all 50 of your agenda points. I’d definitely vote for you in 2016 if I weren’t Canadian lol.

  73. Herman Cain’s campaign may be an out of control train wreck, but that’s exactly what the Koch brothers wanted. They want voters to link behavior to race. They want to say this is how a Black man behaves. Our president is Black therefore he’s the same as Herman Cain

  74. Thank you for your powerful words about Bayard Rustin and for the comment on my blog that led me here. I am glad that you are speaking out as a black gay man. Do you know about Pauli Murray, another amazing queer African American who was a civil rights leader?

    Here’s a link to my profile of her:
    Pauli Murray: Episcopal church votes on queer saint / activist for civil rights and gender equality

  75. BulgeZilla says:

    “So history tells us that when an incumbent President loses his first debate 6 times out of 7 he still wins the white house”

    I’m usually against history repeating itself, but in this case, I am really welcoming November.

  76. Rashawn says:


  77. Thanks Stacy. Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already.

  78. Stacy H says:

    I see what you’re saying. I feel the same way about Cain. But I didn’t know the stuff about the Koch brothers and their organization. I’m emailing your blog link to as many people as I can think of.

  79. Barry K says:

    I’m not gay but I do agree with the part about manipulating black voters. It’s true. Thanks for putting it in a easy to understand way.

  80. Anonymous says:

    Well said! They know that was DEAD WRONG!

  81. KW Griff says:

    I love reading your posts. You should post blogs more often than 1 or 2 a month. Just a suggestion from a loyal reader & fan.

  82. Anonymous says:

    I’m having 2nd thoughts about using Nivea products now. But I’ll hold off on that until I can see how they handle the situation. Thanks for the info man. Great blog!

  83. A few weeks have passed since I wrote this blog, and when I re-read it, I couldn’t help but think that maybe I was a little too hard on Tracy. I think I was so shocked and hurt by his comments because I was a fan & to find out that someone you admire isn’t the person you think they are, it feels like betrayal. But I’ve had time to think about it, and I’ve seen Tracy making a sincere effort to change homophobia in the Black community. I honestly think he’s 100% sincere, and his apology was more than enough for me. So yes, I’m watching 30 Rock again. lol

  84. Anonymous says:

    You have no clue what your talking about, I dont like republicans but im guessing they refused the money because it would only add to the obviously unsustainable national and state debt load, but the very action of printing the money to give out causes inflation and is essentially a flat tax on everyone. The Federal Reserve Note will fail and america will lose the world reserve status, you cant imagine how big a change this will be. The idea that government should give bailouts in a free market is absurd,any government spending is just newly created debt that we pass onto the next generation, until other countries wake up and realize america is worth nothing. America doesnt produce or manufacture almost anything anymore, and all the government intervention and massive federal government has driven almost all of them out.

  85. Anonymous says:

    I think ppl pity Nono more so than hate her. Many ppl want Nono to seek professional help, and get on medication, before further making a fool of herself.

    Really, the chick needs to get that megaphone surgically removed from her throat.

    Keeping it very real.

  86. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think anyone is jealous of Nene-Leakes-her-mouth-too-much. She’s an embarrassment.

    Nene displays her jealousy of other people’s success. Why else would she rain on Kim’s parade?

    Nene is not sure of herself. People who are sure of themselves can allow other people to talk without cutting them off. People who are sure of themselves do not have to shout everything. People who are sure of themselves do not get into arguments with almost everybody.

    Nene blames her image on editing, though none of her other cast mates blamed editing.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Is the Nono backlash even a question? She perpetuates a negative image of Black women with her loud, ignorant, near violent behavior. Nono is the poster child for the Angry Black Woman.

    Being infamously known for one’s argumentative behavior is quite different than being famous, or a “break out star”.

    Nono is being pimped by producers and networks to display her behavior for ratings. People like to see a human train wreck. Further, others races like to laugh at Black people acting a fool.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Thanks DeMon for this. I’m a huge fan of Nene’s also. Like you said, the whole reason I started watching the show was because of her. People are jealous of her

  89. Will says:

    Amen! Amen! Amen!

  90. Stanley Bennett Clay says:

    I think you are, not only a fine writer, but a passionate one. And I believe it is your passion that creates the quality; the truth, your truth. Never veer from your truth, which is why I was perplexed that you even had to question that hiding the authentic you–your sexual nature–might have advanced your musical career. If indeed that record promoter/producer passed on you because of his homophobia, then allow him to drown in his own bias and bigotry. Remember, he could have just as easily been a white producer/promoter who passed on you because he was a racist. Would you then have questioned whether you should have disguised your race to appease his small-mindedness, his backwards thinking, his shameful bigotry? It is not even a discussion. You simply glide upon the seas of your authentic self, and let the winds of truth your truth and your artistry fill the sails of your being. Self-love is the Teflon that neutralizes the hater.

    Stanley Bennett Clay

  91. Jason says:

    Amazing, amazing movie. I cried all the way through it. Sigourney Weaver played this role so well. I expected to hate her character but instead I pitied her for her ignorance and her guilt.

  92. James Rubin says:

    I don’t know you very well but I have heard your music. I think you’re a very talented young man in general. Your music is great but your writing is even better. I think you should consider a career in journalism or maybe write a novel because I know you’d be really good at that as well. So if you do decide to redirect your talent away from music, give me a call. My sister-in-law works for a publishing house in NY and I’d be happy to make an introduction. Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you can live with that decision. My final advice to you Demon is just follow your heart. That way you can’t lose.

  93. btw, those two songs will NEVER see the light of day. I trashed both of them, so don’t ask to hear them. 🙂

  94. Derrick M. says:

    Wow. The speech is amazing and the parallels are clearly there. Thanks for posting this. And I love that someone sent you the Huey Newton info. That’s really cool!

  95. After reading my blog, someone sent me an interesting link. It’s a letter from the founder of The Black Panther Party Huey Newton, about his support of GLBT community and their fight for equal rights. This was written way back in the 1960’s. I was completely blown away and shocked that I had never read about this or heard about this anywhere before. I was lead to believe that The Black Panther Party was a very misogynistic and homophobic type of organization, and just now in 2010 I’m learning that that was not the case at all. Here’s the link so you can read this explosive information for yourself, and take whatever relevance you can from it.

  96. Katrina Spencer says:

    Meeeeee TOO!!! DIDO BRO..LOVE IT!!

  97. In response to Jason R:

    Thanks for reading my blog & leaving me a comment. High school can be really brutal for some people. I can relate and I really feel for ya man. Hit me up with an email if you’d like to talk one on one. I’ve been exactly where you’re at, and having someone to talk to about stuff like that would of made a huge difference in my teenage years. The good news is that it will get better. When you’re in college, you get a chance to meet other people just like you, and that’s a real serious self-esteem boost.

    My email addy:


  98. Jason R says:

    I got you man. I’m going through something very similar. I’m 17 right now and I can’t wait to graduate so I can be on my own and get away from this homophobic high school. Some dumb ass girl outed me at school and it’s been hell ever since.

  99. Anonymous says:

    Nobody has a monopoly on the teachings of Jesus Christ. And,I contend that were he to return today he would be much the same as he was 2000 years ago and he would protest the self-rightious and the status-quo and posibly say to some……

  100. chris says:

    I thought of calling my congressperson Gresim Barrett. He’s a republican with his mind absolutly made up. The congressional budget office says this reform will save money. Perception is everything in politics. What is the objection? Some people are just hell-bent against the president. Ask them why; and they will eventually start telling you myths.

  101. OMG! Trina is “THE SHIT”, for realz! I can’t believe she loved the pic, and left me a comment on my blog… ok, let me try and calm down. I’m starting to sound like those 13 & 14 year old girls that scream and pass out over the Jonas Brothers (lol). But, right now, I DON’T GIVE A DAMN how corny I sound lol. You guys just don’t understand how big of a fan I am of her. I’ve been hooked on “The Trina Bandwagon” from the very beginning. I still remember the first time I heard her on the song she did with Trick Daddy (Nanna Nigga). Her style, her looks, and her flow was unlike anything I’ve seen in hip hop at that time. I can almost recite verbadem almost every song she’s done (my favorite is “The Baddest”). And when the opportunity came for me to actually meet her and be on MTV, I was hyped big time. I missed one of my exams in sociology to drive all the way to New Jersey just to meet her. I respect and admire her style. She’s managed to stay relevant for a whole decade, and that is extremely rare in hip hop. So I’m not ashamed at all to share my excitement about her to anyone. “FUCK A DIME, SHE’S A SILVER DOLLA”… HOLLA!

    If you want to check out Trina’s first ever video “Nann” featuring Trick Daddy, go to my blog home page at:

  102. TRINA says:

    Thankyou so much for the love and support! the photo is hot! Love Trina.. Mauh

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