Gay Church

Bishop Oliver Clyde Allen III and Rashad Burgess  with new baby.Gay pastor/bishop Oliver Clyde Allen and his husband Rashad Burggess with their new baby girl Caylee Burggess-Allen.  The video below is a 3 part interview with Bishop Oliver Clyde Allen and First Gentleman Rashad Burgess about their all inclusive gay welcoming church in Atlanta (Vision), and how they address the criticism coming from anti-gay Christians and other more traditional churches. It’s a 3 part interview so I suggest you view all 3.  I’m not a very religious person but I love their message and what they are doing.  The Bishop’s family and their message of love is an inspiration to me and my fiance.



Ebony magazine named the bishop and his family one of the 10 “Coolest Black Families” of 2013.  It’s an interesting article if you want to check it out.


Gay African American DadsCheck this out also

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