Missing Boy Found In Dad’s Basement

Worst case of bad acting since Susan Smith drowned her sons and blamed it on a black man.



A 12-year-old boy who had been missing for a week and a half and was the subject of an extensive police search was found alive and well Wednesday in the basement of his home.  Officers discovered the boy while serving a search warrant on the home as part of their investigation into his disappearance. It’s not clear if the boy had been there the entire time; officers had been inside the home before and cadaver dogs searched the house last week.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said when police found Charlie Bothuell V, he appeared to be hiding and did not announce himself. Hours earlier, Craig had told reporters that investigators were “not ruling out the possibility of homicide” in the case.  When police found the boy, he was behind some boxes and a large plastic drum. Bedding also was found nearby. The boy will be medically evaluated.  “He was nervous, but excited,” Craig said. “He indicated he was hungry. He appeared fine.”

The boy lives in the home with his father and stepmother. The father, Charlie Bothuell IV, said he was as surprised as anyone that his son was in the basement.  “I’m shocked. I looked. The Detroit police looked. The FBI looked,” he said. “To imply that I knew my son was in the basement is absurd.”  The elder Bothuell was swarmed by reporters outside the house when he arrived home Wednesday evening.  “I thought my son was dead,” he said as he broke down in tears and hugged a reporter. Craig told reporters earlier Wednesday that the boy’s father had taken a polygraph test about his son’s disappearance, but the boy’s stepmother declined to do so.



I’m the first person to give someone the benefit of the doubt especially when that person is under extreme stress… but this looks like very bad acting to me. If it were my son and Nancy Grace told me they just found him alive in my basement there’s no way I’d sit there and continue the interview. I would have ripped that mic off grabbed my cell phone and rushed out of there to see my son who I hadn’t seen in 11 days. When Nancy delivered the news he didn’t ask any questions or challenge the truthfulness of the new information she gave him. He just accepted it as fact right away. I would ask her how sure she is and where is she getting her information. Or ask if she knows his health condition or if he was hurt or harmed in any way. Something’s not right here. I hate jumping to conclusions or trying someone in the court of public opinion, but I can’t unsee what I just saw in that video. Horrible and very obvious bad acting. I feel so bad for the little boy. God knows what he has to put up with in that house.


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