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What We Deserve

Midterm Elections Matter

CNN does panel discussions with Trump voters sometimes and I try my best to avoid them.  Partly because I’m tired of hearing journalist treat them like they’re a huge voting block when in reality they are a small group who’s numbers are dwindling day by day according to most polls.  I also hate the way the host has to treat the nonsense some of the panelist say as something that deserves serious consideration.  Like in the video clip here where one of the ladies says she likes Trump because she’s a Christian and she saw him on a Christian TV network.  If I was hosting that panel I think that would be the day I walk off set and seek a new profession.  Trump voters get coddled on most mainstream media outlets and it drives me crazy. 

It’s also incredibly difficult for me to watch Trump supporters explain why they support him.  Watching the people on this panel makes me question the intelligence of my fellow Americans.  That leads me to a very dark and cynical conclusion; we’re getting exactly what we deserve with Trump and his circus.

If we can’t tell the difference between the truth and a lie even when the lie is obvious, maybe we deserve Trump. If we can’t tell the difference between someone speaking with intelligence and someone who sounds like a moron, maybe we deserve Trump. If we watched him call Nazi’s fine people after Charlottesville, and called the Puerto Rican victims of hurricane Maria lazy and ungrateful, maybe we deserve Trump.  If we watched him retweet racist white nationalist memes about black crime statistics, and watched while his administration put South American children in cages after ripping them out of the arms of their parents as a punishment for seeking asylum in America, maybe we deserve Trump. 

If we allow republicans to point to the economy whenever we bring up legitimate concerns about Trump and his chaotic presidency, maybe we deserve Trump.  As if good job numbers makes his many failures and bottomless pit of shortcomings ok.  If that’s the only metric we’re going to use to judge Trump’s job performance as president, then we most definitely deserve every horrible atrocity that he has already committed, and without a doubt we’ll deserve every future atrocity his abhorrent leadership will most certainly produce.

The good news is, we have a chance to finally get some badly needed oversight done on the executive branch.  The midterm elections are only a month away and us democrats are expected to win back the house of representatives and maybe even gain a few seats in the senate.  All we have to do is turn out and vote. That means there is hope… hope you’ll get off your ass and vote.

Power To Change It All

Power To Change It All

A new release from an up and coming hip hop artist/producer adds a much needed soundtrack to the new-found activism that is energizing young men and women of color. The song is “Power” and the artist’s name is Rell. He gave me an interview and allowed Socially Urban to debut the new song and video. The full interview can be read below the video.

Thanks for sitting down with us. What inspired the song “Power” and what message were you hoping to get across with it?

“My inspiration came from seeing how with this new government is running things and giving those who still live on and believe in racial inequality the green light to exhibit racial and bigoted behavior without any consequences.”

“I’m trying to get across to the black and brown culture that we have the ability to change this all. We have the numbers, the platforms and the influence but we have to come together with unity and educate our youth since they are our future lawyers, doctors, judges and politicians.

The lyrics in the hook says “you have the power to change it all”. Is that message specifically for the youth of today? If so how hopeful are you that the new generation can change it all?

“That’s exactly what I was referring to. The younger generations are more inclusive and accepting of all regardless of Race, Religion, or Sexual Orientation. With hearts and minds like that, they are the answer to making the old, racist raised bigots in charge extinct.”

It’s pretty incredible that you did all of this yourself, and I think the finished product is impressive. How long did it take to write record and shoot a full video for this song?

“Thanks, I really appreciate you acknowledging the process and what it takes. I’m actually a certified audio engineer by way of Omega Studios School of Recording Arts and Sciences in Rockville, MD and I’ve been producing music since about 2003. I’ve always been a lyricist at heart ever since I can remember. Me and my cousin wrote our first song somewhere around the age of 8 or 9 I think. What’s crazy is I still remember my verse. It took me about 3 days to actually write “Power”. I’ve had the beat for a while but the vibe hit me only recently. I shot and edited the video in one day. All i had was a black backdrop, iMovie, DSLR camera and a vision. My cousin has always been my drive and motivation to continue my music journey. He was the first person to put me in a professional studio and ever since then I’ve been hooked and forever grateful. I’m attending Full Sail University now to get my Bachelors in Music to close the loop and become a triple threat in the music industry.”

I think this kind of music is very much in need right now in this racially charged political environment. When can we expect a full album like this from you?

“I’m looking to drop an album around the 4th quarter this year. Hopefully around August or September at the latest.”


I’d like to thank Rell for letting us debut his new video and letting us ask him a few questions. You can follow Rell at and to get updates on his new material.

Black Privilege Poetry Slam

Black Privilege

Spoken word artist Crystal Valentine performs a very emotionally charged poem titled “Black Privilege” in a poetry slam competition. One of the most moving lines in her poem tackled the issue of police brutality against black men, and the scourge of gun violence taking way too many young promising lives in urban communities. She says “Black privilege is me having already memorized my nephew’s eulogy, my brother’s eulogy, my father’s eulogy, my unconceived child’s eulogy. Black privilege is me thinking my sister’s name is safe from that list.” Valentine is one of six performing poets who represented NYU at the poetry slam this year. Her team ended up winning which was no surprise to anyone who listened to her performance.

Ms Valentine makes me proud to be part of a resilient culture who takes oppression and intolerance and turns it into extraordinary talent and beautiful artistry. If you’re not moved by her amazing 3 minute video clip, you should contact a doctor immediately because something is seriously wrong with you. She poured her heart out on that stage layering vulnerability on top of confidence on top of self critical introspection. There aren’t many people who can touch your soul with just a few words. That’s power. That’s talent. That’s the power of blackness.

Chicken & Why You Don’t Matter

Chicken & Why You Don't Matter

PBS’s news magazine Frontline did a report on dangerous pathogens found in chicken sold by one specific company. The chicken made a lot of people sick and some even died. The shocking part of this story is the company knew their chicken was tainted and even knew it was making people sick but did nothing to address the problem and continued to sell the tainted chicken to consumers. The federal entity who’s supposed to enforce strict regulations to protect consumers from hazards like this also knew about the company’s tainted chicken but did nothing to protect consumers, and did not push for a recall. It’s a very interesting piece that I think holds meaning that goes way beyond just chicken.
To me this is just another reminder that corporations run our government now. It’s totally mind-boggling to me that American’s were scared out of their minds about Ebola and right before the midterm election a majority of voters listed Ebola as one of the most important issues that concerned them enough to come out and vote. If I recall the poll correctly, voters said the second most important issue was Benghazi. People are getting sick and dying because of tainted chicken and the company selling this chicken continued to sell it even though they knew there was a problem. I guess they figured it was much cheaper to buy politicians and political influence than it was to recall the chicken to protect the consumer. Adding insult to injury the government agency who are supposed to regulate and protect the citizens against this kind of malfeasance were also aware that a potentially deadly pathogen was in a consumer product yet they did almost nothing to hold the company responsible and did nothing to alert or protect the citizens who pay their salaries.

Situations like this reinforce my belief that Citizens United was one of the worst Supreme Court decisions in my lifetime. That law pretty much guarantees that the citizens of this country and the politicians we put in office are completely powerless against the will of the 1% and the corporations they own. The media both progressive leaning and conservative tells the country what issues they should care about, and how to think about the issues they chose to report. Ebola got wall-to-wall 24 hour news coverage on every cable news network for 3 weeks straight. There were only 2 deaths from Ebola in the US, and neither of the people who died contracted the disease here in America. There have been 6 or 7 investigations into Benghazi so far and all of them concluded the same thing. There was no conspiracy in which the president and the secretary of state colluded to make sure American’s in the consulate died. But somehow voters named both of those issues (Benghazi and Ebola) as the two issues that were most important to them.

I place a lot of blame for this on the media. I find it very curious that campaign finance reform and overturning the Supreme Court’s decision on Citizens United almost never gets discussed on network news. I’m sure it has nothing to do with the enormous spike in ad buys that brought them unprecedented profits and revenue during the last presidential election where candidates on both sides spent over a billion dollars each to fund their bid for president. It’s very plain to see that Citizens United worked out very well for all of the news networks. Why would they want to stop the gravy train? This kind of thing breeds voter apathy and political cynicism. Unfortunately the voter apathy they cultivate works in their favor as well. The less engaged you are and the less you believe in the system they know people like that are less likely to vote. The lower voter participation gets, the more power they have.

I wish I had a simple solution to fix all of this but I don’t, but something has to change. We can’t claim to be the land of the free and the home of the brave when public opinion shows that an overwhelming majority of citizens wants to raise the minimum wage and overturn Citizens United, but corporations and the 1% are against both of these things so it will never even get a vote despite the will of the people. After Benghazi and Bridgegate fizzles out, they’ll throw us another meaningless distraction and a large majority of us will eat it up just like we’ve been conditioned to. Now isn’t that sad?

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