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There’s no doubt in my mind that Donald Trump is the least qualified presidential candidate we’ve ever seen in our nation’s history. His high poll numbers continue to astound me because his campaign so far has no substance to it whatsoever. He hasn’t made any policy speeches. He has no policy papers available on his website. He promises things that aren’t a part of presidential powers (like imposing a penalty tax on a company who does something he doesn’t like). He says he wants to build up our military forces but hasn’t said how much he plans to spend on this or where he’s going to get the money for this. He thinks diplomacy is making demands under threat of war. He says he wants to get rid of Obamacare and replace it with “something terrific”, but hasn’t let anyone know what “something terrific” means yet. He says he has a plan to defeat Isis but it’s a secret he can’t reveal. His only reassurance when pressed on this issue is “I’m going to be so good at the military that it will make your head spin” (direct quote, I kid you not). He says he’s going to deport 11 million people even those who are currently legal citizens

Donald Trump Press Conference

Donald Trump Press Conference

according to the birthright clause written into the US Constitution, but he hasn’t said how he plans to challenge this legally and hasn’t consulted with any lawyers or constitutional scholars to get advice on this. He hasn’t been specific on how he plans to round up 11 million people for deportation which would be a logistical nightmare, extremely expensive, a huge strain on our legal system, a huge strain on our immigration courts, a huge strain on local law enforcement, and it’s something no other country has ever attempted to do in the history of this world. When Chuck Todd from Meet The Press asked Trump how he plans to do it, Trump’s answer was “it’s going to be quick and may get ugly but everyone is going to love it” (another direct quote… no kidding).

I can understand republicans frustration with the establishment politicians because I feel that way about Hillary sometimes, but Trump isn’t the answer. He is not someone who has the mental capacity, thoughtful diligence, personal temperament or the selfless dedication needed to be the leader of the free world. He’s a thin-skinned attention addict who tries to mask his many insecurities by telling everyone how rich, successful, amazing, and smart he is. He’s shallow, vapid, and only wants to be president to add one more thing to his list of accomplishments. Running for president as a way to validate your greatness should be a disqualifier in the eyes of the American people. Again, Trump is not the answer… he’s entertaining at times, but still not the answer. Politics is a serious business. The job of president is a serious thing. Running for office is a serious commitment… not a role to play on a reality show.



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  1. Starr says:

    WARNING FROM BLOG EDITOR: *Covid is not a hoax or a fake virus. The vaccine for covid is real and extremely effective for those who do not want to die from the virus. A warning will be added to any comments that contain misinformation, but the comments will not be edited or blocked. For more information about the safety of the covid vaccine follow this link

    This whole thing we are living is a shit reality show and we are all actors. It’s 2022 now and I hope you’re awake and aware now more than you were in 2015 when you wrote this, that the “right” wing and the “left” wing have always been from the SAME diabolical bird. Voting is a tool to manufacture the illusion of consent. These ghouls, no one, has ever been “elected” but rather SELECTED by the “ruling class” behind the curtains, who really runs things here. Who are “THEY,” really? Your guess is as good as mine. Rothschild’s? Rockefeller’s? Apparently there are 11 more powerful families that have been here forever! But, I render a notion that it runs muuuuuuuuch deeper than some aristocrat families that are more than likely vampires. Or reptilians. Same thing to me. And these beings wants our bloodstream pumped full of poison which they’ve brain washed the whole world population to beLIEve it’s a “life saving vaccine” for some fake “deadly virus.” Yes, it’s a shit show here.

  2. Rich says:

    Trump sucks!!! ~
    to you

  3. The Trump bandwagon isn’t about getting Trump in the White House, per se, rather its an assault on the legitimacy of the political system itself. You say that a president should be serious: that shows that you have faith in the system. Trump’s supporters don’t, they’ve seen the Republican politicians they’ve elected serve as nothing more than a rubber stamp to the Democratic policies they’d been elected to stop. They’ve seen representatives they though were theirs represent no one other than the Chamber of Commerce. How you see Trump is how we see all of them, and is likely a portent for more interesting things to come.

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