10 Issueless Topics To Distract

10 political media hyped topics created to distract from real issues. Anyone who tries to insert these topics into serious political dicussion are not to be taken seriously.

1.  Benghazi

2.  Chris Christy New Jersey bridgegate.

3.  Lois Lerner and IRS investigation.

4.  Hilary Clinton’s emails.

5.  Ebola

6.  Common Core

7.  Sharia law in the United States.

8.  Government going after gun rights.

9.  Government restricting religious freedom.

10. Border security.


One Comment to 10 Issueless Topics To Distract

  1. Your list actually includes some of the most important issues in politics, some of which transcend the merely political and reach towards the macrohistorical. Who has weapons and the ability to use them (No. 8) is basically the same as who can exercise political power. “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” – Mao Tse Tung. Without the ability to bear arms, citizens become peasants.

    Border Security (No. 10) likewise determines the very shape of a country. A country is made up of its people. If those people are Mexican, that country is Mexico, regardless of latitude and longitude. The term, “nation”, so often misused in the United States, doesn’t refer to a political organization, but to a people unified by language, religion, culture, and descent. Laxening border security is an attempt by the business and political elites to elect a new people, and will likely succeed in that beyond their wildest dreams.

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