My Amazing Mom

Gloria Jean SpencerToday is an extremely special and important day for mother’s all over this great country… yep, it’s MOTHER’S DAY. This is one my favorite holidays each year because it gives everyone a chance to acknowledge and recognize the hardest job ever bestowed upon the human race. I know there are all types of mothers, and I know that all mothers are different, and some of you may not share my opinion of how amazing mom’s are, but I can only speak from my experiences and pull from the examples that I grew up observing in my family. I was very blessed to have such strong and loving women in my family. My mom Gloria, both my grandmothers Carrie Moore, and Iva Rae (whom we affectionately called Mua), my great grandmother Sadie, and my big sister Trina. They all share a special and unique gift that makes them great mothers; and that’s the gift of SELFLESSNESS. They all put the needs of their children and family above their own. Even though my sister and I are adults now, our mother still does this. When I was younger, I didn’t realize how much my mom sacrificed to make my sister and I have a happy and comfortable life. Whenever I reflect on my childhood, I sit in complete amazment at everything that her and my dad went through to give my sister and I a happy life.
When I was around 3 years old, I started to get sick a lot, and I would cry all day and night and rub my legs. They took me to a doctor in Washington and told him about my symptoms. The doctor told my parents that nothing was wrong with me, and sent us home with some baby Tylenol. Over the next week, my symptoms just got worse and worse. I cried all through the night and my mom would stay up with me and try to make me feel better. She went days and days with no sleep at all. Then I completely stopped walking. They would try to put me on my feet, and I would resist. So my mom took me back to the doctor and told them about my new symptoms and told them that I cried constantly, and told them that I looked like I was in a lot of pain, and told them that she knew something was wrong with me. The same doctor examined me and told her that nothing was wrong again. I can only imagine how frustrating this must have been for both my parents. A mother knows her child just as well as she knows herself, and she knew that I was in pain, but no one would help. That had to be seriously hard to watch your child hurting and there’s nothing you can do to help and make it better. The next morning my mom told my dad that she was going to take me to as many doctors and hospitals she could find, until someone could give her some answers. They both took off of work and drove to Greenville and took me to Pitt Memorial hospital and explained everything to the pediatrician. They ran all kinds of tests on me that very day, and finally came up with some answers.

They diagnosed me with Sickle Cell and immediately checked me into the hospital. The doctors told her that she brought me in just in the nick-of-time, because if they had waited any longer I would of probably died. They kept me in the hospital for over a month, and my mom slept in my room with me every single night in a chair beside my hospital bed. After I started feeling better, I had to learn how to walk all over again at 3 years old. From then on, every time I got sick and had to be hospitalized, my mom stayed with me every single night. She would go home for a quick shower early in the morning and get ready for work because she needed her job. After work, she would come straight back to the hospital and spend the night with me. I don’t know how she did all this for that long. I know having a sick child takes a toll on the parents, but they never let me see the pain they must have felt. Through out my childhood my medical care was very expensive. The doctor bills were more than any other expense that my family had. More than our house, more than our cars, way more than any bill they had. When I got older and started to think about it, I realized how huge of a financial burden my illness was. And what’s even more amazing, is that I never heard not even one word about any doctor bills. Now that’s a testament to their amazing parenting skills. If I had known how much my doctor bills were costing my family, I would of felt horrible… and they knew this, so they shielded me from stuff like that to protect me.

My mom is the definition of what a “phenomenal woman” should be. She takes care of all of us (my dad included lol), she works full time, she’s very involved and dedicated to her church (and she’s the church sectary), she would give her last dime to me if I needed it, she makes sure I take care of my health and keep my doctor appointments, and she cooks my favorite meal anytime I request it. That’s why my mom is the most beautiful, most caring, most loving, most giving, most kind-hearted and selfless person I’ve ever known. Without her, my dad, my sister, my nephews and I would be completely lost. She’s the glue that holds this family together, and the motivator that keeps us inspired. Whenever someone compliments me on my great fashion sense and style, they’re complimenting my mom too. She’s the one that taught my sister and I how to be stylish and unique. When it comes to fashion, my mom never makes a wrong move. She’ll be 90 years old, and still decked-out from head to toe (lol).


I love my mom, and I could never repay her for everything she’s done for me. Words can’t even express how much I owe and appreciate her. She’s one of a kind, and I thank God every single day for giving me my mom.



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    Meeeeee TOO!!! DIDO BRO..LOVE IT!!

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