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Who Is Offended By History

While listening to some very early blues players music on youtube a while ago I had an inspirational thought that made me feel even more connected to the music because of the rough history my people have had in this country. I thought about the vileness of slavery, the hell of Jim Crow, the rough journey we’ve taken from being sold as slaves to where we are now… a free people with full constitutional rights. While listening to Arthur Crudup literally inventing a new genre of music it makes that journey seem even more remarkable to me. A very small number of oppressed black people 1 generation removed from slavery creating new art-forms that have become wildly popular all over the world. Blues, rock, jazz, R&B, etc all created in a country that officially amended our constitution counting black people as 1/5th of a person. Just that thought alone inspired me. If musical pioneers like Arthur Crudup could achieve so much with so little, it makes me feel that anything is possible regardless of your current circumstances. Unfortunately someone read my inspirational comment and got offended by it. This person read it and thought what I wrote was racist. It literally makes no sense so I decided to do a print-screen and share the exchange with everyone. Here’s the full conversation so you can decide for yourself. I didn’t edit anything out or add anything in. I did blur his name and picture because I thought it was the right thing to do.

Offended By History Youtube Post pt1

Offensive History Youtube Post pt2

Offensive History Youtube Post pt3

Interesting right? I’ve never had anyone tell me I should be thankful for slavery. That is definitely a first. After the last comment above, I informed him that I would love to share our conversation on my blog which lead him to quickly delete his side of the conversation. I figured something like that might happen so I made sure I copied everything just in case. It’s weird how he saw my comment as being racist against whites. History is history. Slavery happened, Jim Crow happened, lynchings happened, the kkk happened. Using those very hard times as a marker for progress shouldn’t upset anyone and it certainly doesn’t make someone a racist for talking about it. Especially when someone talks about it in an inspirational way like I did. Americans shouldn’t be ashamed of the progress we’ve made. We should talk about it more in my opinion. That’s a pretty stark contrast from then to now. That should be celebrated. Even-though we still have inequality within our institutions we can overcome that as well. Just like the abolishment of slavery, just like ending Jim Crow, just like gaining amendments to protect our right to vote. There’s always progress to be made. In my opinion, I think he knew what he was saying wasn’t right. He probably had some time to think about it and that may have lead him to come back, read it again, and delete it. Misunderstandings happen all the time and we’re all imperfect human beings, so I don’t think any of this makes him a bad person. But that’s just my opinion.


After I posted this blog I got another comment from the same person. Apparently I have angered him. He wanted to call me a racial slur but he stopped himself and left hints about the slur he had in mind instead. So here’s the latest:

Offended by History Racial Slur

***UPDATE #2***

Here’s the latest developments (2/2/2016). This guy came back and deleted his comment about calling me a racial slur (the one from the 1st update), then tried to pretend he never said anything about a racial slur, and somehow I hallucinated the entire thing. He should have known I was going to screenshot the comment as soon as he posted it. It was only up for 20 seconds but I was quick enough to grab it. Here’s how it went:

Who Is Offended By History

Who Is Offended By History

Who Is Offended By History









After this last comment he decided he had enough and deleted everything again.  People don’t know how to react when they are angry and lashing out but you are cool, calm, and rational.  They end up looking like the irrational crazy person, which is what they are usually.  When you’re smart, confident in your message, and honest about your point of view, there’s no need for anything extra like insults, slurs, and put-downs.  Whenever I engage with people who try to attack me personally instead of debating the merits of my ideas, I try to keep that in mind.  It’s hard not to call people like him assholes, but I know measured restraint is always the better option.

Rick Ross Rip Off?

Lil Wayne always says that he doesn’t listen to anyone’s music besides himself. I use to think that was crazy and a bit self-absorbed, but now I think I understand why. I had this epiphany just this morning. Here’s what happened: Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I got out my recording equipment and decided to work on some new material. It seemed like everything was falling in place very quickly. I didn’t have to struggle to find a concept. I knew what beat I wanted to use. Wrote the first song in about 10 to 15 minutes. Breezed through recording the lead vocals & backing vocals. Things were going so well, so I decided to take advantage of the momentum and record another song. Within 2 or 3 hours I had finished 2 whole totally new songs… and I really liked both of them. After everything was done, I went to sleep for a couple of hours. When I woke up I immediately listened to the new tracks. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Both of them sounded like a Rick Ross rip off, or a very bad Rick Ross impersonation. I’m a HUGE fan of his, & for the past month he’s all I’ve been listening to, so I guess that’s how his style & flow crept into my music without me even knowing. Crazy right? I don’t know why I didn’t hear it when I was recording the songs. You gotta understand that hip hop is my passion. Not just the music, but the whole culture. I can’t imagine what I’d do without hip hop. Yeah, I’m an artist, but I’m also a fan. I love that feeling I get whenever I hear something new that’s hot. I love it when I recognize “game changers” before anyone else does (Juvenile 400 degrees album with “Ha” as the first single, or Lil’ Kim’s 1st album “Hardcore”, or the first time I heard Biggie on the Craig Mack “Flavor In Your Ear” remix, Lil’ Wayne’s first major hit “Lollipop”, Master P’s “Ghetto Dope” album, T-Pain’s reintroduction of autotune on “In Love With A Stripper”, Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” album, Puffy’s in-house production team “The Hit Men”, JaRule introduced the whole “rapper and singer” style with a little bit of pop mixed in to ensure crossover appeal, Lil Jon created a whole new sub-genre of hip hop called “Crunk”, etc. etc. you know what I mean). I love turning friends on to a new artist that I know is about to blow up. But if I plan to be successful in this business, then I have to dial back the “hip hop fan” aspect and turn up the “hip hop artist” in me. Easier said than done, I’m sure. I know I don’t have to stop listening to other artist I like, but I think if I keep my musical influences broad and listen to more of a cross section, rather than focusing in on just one artist (like Rick Ross), then I can prevent this from happening again… I hope.

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