Where is Bill O’Reilly’s KKK Hood

Watching this Fox News clip made me wonder where is Bill O’Reilly’s KKK hood. The same racist ideas Bill and his all white panel expresses about young black men were repeated by the racist ignorant mass murderer Dylann Roof right before he slaughtered 8 African Americans in a South Carolina church not too long ago. For the viewers who rely on Fox and O’Reilly as their only source of news, they get this racist distorted stereotypical view that sees African American males as violent, rapist, drug dealing murderous thugs who’s life is dedicated to committing crime, and are beyond any kind of help because they lack human decency and moral character. As long as Bill continues this constant verbal assault on the character of all black men, there will be a lot more people like Dylann Roof and George Zimmerman… and a whole lot more situations where white officers falsely feel threatened by unarmed non-aggressive African American men because Fox and Mr O’Reilly drills fear into them with stories of the big scary black menace who can’t wait to kill good hard working law abiding white folks… just because they are a young black male, and that’s what young black males do. Holding this view without any effort to understand the circumstances that created higher crime rates in some inner city neighborhoods all but guarantees further deterioration of race relations in this country. A real debate dicussing some of those circumstances will never be a part of Mr O’Reilly’s program because his racist mindset will only allow one explanation for any crime committed by an African-American. That explanation goes something like this; if you’re an African-American and you commit a crime, you committed that crime because you’re an African-American. That’s as far as his analysis will ever allow him to go.

Think about this; if a crime is committed by an African-American, the next day you’ll hear Fox News and some mainstream outlets talk about “crime in the African American community”. But you’ll never ever hear anyone in the news label a crime committed by a white person as a “problem in the white community”.

One last point before I end this and go nurse this headache brought on by O’Reilly’s racist crusade. It is ridiculous for anyone to believe that I don’t have a right to protest police brutality and speak out against cold-blooded murder committed by a police officer just because there are high crime rates among blacks in a few large cities. Mr O’Reilly and Fox News wants me to end all crime and social ills in black communities that I do not live in and have never visited, before I can have the right to protest against police brutalizing and murdering young black males like me. In the history of the world no one has ever been able to end all crime, but that is the bar Mr O’Reilly has set before I can expect to be treated fairly by law enforcement. My taxes help pay their salary, but unless I’m white I can’t ask them to treat me as a human being. That simple request coming from an African-American male is asking too much. How is that right? How could anyone look at that and still not see the inequality and hopeless frustration that it produces? This isn’t a white vs black issue no matter how hard Mr O’Reilly tries to force it into that box. It’s a right vs wrong issue. It’s a freedom vs fascism issue. It’s a hope vs cynicism issue. It’s an inclusive America vs a divided America issue. Mr O’Reilly has made it clear which side he wants to stand on but i know we’re a better country than that. Our history of ending slavery, abolishing Jim Crow, and the passage of civil rights legislation proves it. Please don’t let him and his network drag us back to that dark place.

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