O’reilly Calls Protesters Race Agitators

I think it’s very interesting that Bill used the phrase “race agitators”. That phrase was exactly what Bull Connor, J. Edgar Hoover, the KKK and other racist called Martin Luther King during the civil rights movement. It’s extremely insulting to think that the African Americans who live in that city aren’t intelligent enough to see and recognize injustice without Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson pointing it out for them. That was the same kind of thinking Jim Crow pro segregationist had during the 1950’s and 60’s. They believed the blacks were fine with being treated like 2nd class citizens with no rights until MLK and others came along putting ideas in their heads about being equal. If Bill wants everyone to believe that things are a lot different than the 1960’s, maybe he should stop borrowing phrases and racial mindsets from the 1960’s.

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