God Science And Our Existence

Not having definitive answers about our existence can make people feel uncomfortable and that can cause a lot of anxiety. Religion comforts that anxiety by giving an easy answer. God. This isn’t necessarily about any specific religion but an overall condition that I think explains why a belief in God persist no matter how much science pokes holes in that idea. For me science and religion are two separate things that really can’t be compared. I believe it’s possible to believe in God and practice religion without being anti-science. These two things can exist in one person without contradicting each other. The only time this is not possible is when a person believes that the Bible (or any other religious text) is a literal retelling of true events and actual history. For those people the two will constantly contradict. Those who hold that “literal retelling” view can endanger our ability to achieve scientific advancement and that can lead to some very undesirable consequences. I’d rather feel the anxiety and discomfort that comes from not having definitive answers, than to ignore scientific evidence that can be used to prevent irreversible damage to our planet (climate change).

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