Teacher Makes Racist Threat

A teacher in North Carolina tells a white student that she’d like to kill all black people if she only had 10 days to live.  This student was shocked and decided to tell her mom about the teacher’s racist statements when she got home from school that day.  The mother was outraged and immediately contacted the school’s principal, the school’s superintendent, and the school board. After learning about the incident the school superintendent did an investigation to find out if the student’s story was true.  He found 4 other students who were close enough to hear the racist remark and they corroborated the account given by the original whistleblower.  The school board met and decided to suspend this teacher for 10 days with pay and now she’s back on the job as if nothing happened.  She basically got a 10 day paid vacation. This idiotic sorry excuse of a human being made vulgar violent racist threatening remarks fantasizing about committing genocide in front of her students and the school board rewards her with a paid vacation.

If I were a parent with a kid at that school I wouldn’t feel safe sending him/her there.  Anyone who fantasizes about committing racial genocide has to be mentally ill.  Educators are tasked with a noble mission to mold and shape young minds.  It’s absolutely unacceptable to have a teacher with these kind of beliefs because there’s a very good chance that these beliefs will show up in her teaching style. Taking everything she said into account we’ve learned two things about her.  #1 She’s racist and #2 she’s not afraid to express her racist beliefs to her students.  Knowing that, it’s very safe to assume that she treats her black students different than she treats her white students.  Maybe she doesn’t give them help when they ask.  Maybe she gives them a lower grade than the one they earned.  Maybe she’s hostile to her black students.  All of these are credible possibilities and for that reason she should have been fired and barred from teaching ever again.  It makes me physically ill to think that my tax dollars are paying the salary of this bigoted, judgement impaired, ignorant buffoon of a teacher. I hope and pray the school board will rethink their decision now that it’s a national story and finally do the right thing and fire her.

THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WHY YOU NEED TO VOTE. If that school board had more diversity, she’d be out of a job right now.  LOCAL ELECTIONS MATTER!!! GO VOTE!!!!

Cynthia Ramsey Teacher Makes Racist Threat
Teacher makes racist threat Cynthia Ramsey, a math teacher (and head of the math department) at Camden County High School in North Carolina. She’s the teacher who told a student she’d like to kill all black people.

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