Bill Maher’s Convincing Argument Trump Is A Con Man

After President Trump’s healthcare bill suffered a humilating loss in congress last week comedian Bill Maher took the opportunity to compile clips of Trump’s campaign promises that in no way reflected the reality of Trump’s presidency. It was funny, effective, and a bit sad that Republican voters believed him. Watch and enjoy:

I don’t always agree with Bill Maher and I rarely watch his show because I think his interviewing skills are lacking and I hated the way he treated a Muslim kid who got arrested at his school because his teacher thought a clock he made looked like a bomb. Bill brought this kid up in his monologue to humiliate him 2 weeks in a row. Then he tried to make an argument that the Palestinian people’s lives weren’t worth as much as Israeli lives because the Muslims there are killers who aren’t contributing to society. He even said he bet there were no Muslims winning Nobel Prizes (like that actually meant anything). That was when I stopped being a Bill Maher fan, and stopped watching his show. However this week I saw this clip and had to share it. It’s the smart smug comedy that only Bill can do… and boy does he do it well.

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